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Unfortunately, the software used to generate PostCard files is no longer being supported, i.e., it is not being updated to be compatible with the latest versions of Mac OS. We have therefore changed, starting with the September issue, to a more universal file format called a Portable Document Format. A newsletter file in this format is identifiable by the extension .pdf and is opened by using an Acrobat Reader application. If you do not have this application on your system, it is available as a free download from Adobe Systems. By clicking on the DOWNLOAD link, your browser should download the file, launch the Reader and open the file over your browser window. You may read, search or print the .pdf file from the Reader. If this sequence of events does not happen, your browser preferences may have to be changed; contact the webmaster ( for help in doing this.



January 2001
  • Mac OS X
    A user looks at the latest operating system
  • Favorite Web Sites
    Online Banking
    Search for a new dog
  • More Agony of Upgrades
    One user's experience with hardware and software upgrades
  • Holiday return address labels
    A step by step guide for using AppleWorks to make these

March 2001
  • Business Cards
    Use AppleWorks to make your own
  • Map Web Sites
    Eleven sites for obtaining great maps
  • Digital Cameras
    More digital than film cameras are sold today
  • Bargain Web Sites
    Nine web sites for the bargain hunter
    Another bargain web site for computer hardware
  • Hardware Review
    Trimedia Reader by VST Technologies
  • A neat trick and a wonderful freebie
    Copying a CD
    Pando calendar

May 2001
  • Pick Up function of AppleWorks/paint
    Use Pick Up to create decorative text items
  • Review of Stuffit Delux 6.0
    The latest version of a valuable compression utility
  • Installing Mac OS X
    If your going to OS X, you had better read this!
  • Trixie brings Jim and Ellen Heid
    More on OS X from the expertise of Jim Heid
  • Upgrade: More agonizing than usual
    Pat Rasmussen's insights on installing OS X
  • President's Page
    News and reflections from Irene

July 2001
  • How to use tabs and tab stops like a pro. Plus neat little nuances such as the differences between hard and soft returns, how you generate them, and why you might need them.
  • Helpful web sites for summertime travel
  • The latest info on Laurie Bird, our Tennessee representative for RCMUG
  • Some information on selecting a USB hub - a bridge that we are all going to have to cross sooner or later.

Sept. 2001 (pdf)
  • More on setting tab stops and how to use tab fills.
  • More of Joanne's favorate web sites, covering everthing from benefical aractnids to wine and cheese match ups.
  • Instant Messaging - another internet communications system
  • Web site address for obtaining downloads of software built for Mac OS X
  • Thoughts and observations for from our editor

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