RCMUG is made up of people who wish to get the most out of their Macintosh computers. Macintosh computers run the Mac Operating System, which includes the Apple clones and the new iMacs and iBooks. We invite all Mac users and their friends to attend our meetings to discuss common problems and solutions, as well as enjoy presentations covering a wide variety of topics. RCMUG meetings can be enjoyed by non-Macintosh users as well!

Membership dues are $15 per year per household, January to December.


Our main meeting is a bimonthly forum where Mac users from beginning through advanced can discuss common problems and help each other find solutions. The RCMUG hosts presentations by authors and artists, people running Macintosh-based businesses, computer industry specialists, Macintosh GURUs, and many other interesting people, covering such topics as the Internet, new computer technology, troubleshooting, using your computer more effectively, and Macintosh software and hardware. The main meetings are held at the Gualala Arts Center (46501 Old State Hwy, Gualala, California), usually on the third Saturday of every odd-numbered month. Meetings run from 2:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon.

RCMUG SIGs: In addition to our general bimonthly meetings, RCMUG usually holds one or two SIGs for its members. A SIG is a Special Interest Group that focuses on a particular computer topic. SIGs are fun and interesting and informal; everybody is encouraged to ask questions and share their knowledge. Beginners and more advanced users are welcome. The SIG schedule is posted on RCMUG's Home page.

Other Benefits

The MacTidings is a bimonthly newsletter filled with original articles, reviews, tips & tricks, Apple news, interesting URLs and much more. Members get MacTidings delivered every other month by either regular mail or email, but anyone can download the most recent issues from our archive. Would you like to write an article for the MacTidings? For more information please contact MacTidings editor Pat Rasmussen ( or write to P.O. Box 1275, Gualala, CA 95445.

Book Orders: RCMUG members get a great 40‰ discount (plus 50¢ shipping and handling) for books ordered from Peachpit Press. Visit Peachpit Press on the Internet and choose from among hundreds of books for Macintosh and PC computers. Detailed descriptions are given for each book on their website. Peachpit Press books include the excellent Macintosh Bible series and the Visual QuickStart Guides. The Little Mac Book and Beyond The Little Mac Book have been Macintosh staples for years and are highly recommended for beginners and advanced users. The Little iMac Book by Robin Williams is also available! The 40‰ discount is for group orders. Please ask about ordering at our meetings.

The Library, which is available to members during the Saturday meetings, contains many software titles for evaluation, books for beginning and advanced users, tutorial videos and product demos, and free stuff such as software, magazines, and informational materials! It is a good place to find software to try out before buying and helpful books for solving problems and teaching computer skills.

The RCMUG needs a librarian! Would you like to volunteer?! Regular attendance to the meetings is required. For more information about the library, please contact Irene Leidner (

The Listserv RCMUG has its own listserv which members can use to ask for help, highlight dates and special events that may be of interest to computer users, buy or sell computer equipment, and keep members current on SIG meeting dates or changes in our schedule.

The PowerBook 1400: RCMUG has a PowerBook 1400cs available for members to borrow in case of emergencies or travel needs. This PowerBook is often used for our meeting presentations but can be borrowed for short periods of time.

How to get to the Gualala Arts Center


Written Directions

Take the Old State Hwy (aka Old Stage Road) off of Hwy 1 at the south end of Gualala (before the bridge). Follow the Old State Hwy until the road seems to split off to the right. (Old State Hwy goes to the right and Old Stage Road continues on up to the ridge.) Where the roads divides you will see a sign for the Gualala River Redwoods Park. Take the Old State Hwy to the right. Before you get to the Arts Center you will pass two roads: a small deadend road off to the right and then another little road to the left that leads back up to Old Stage Road. Soon after you pass these two roads you will see the entrance to the Arts Center on the right.

Where is Gualala? Well, it is on the northern California coast somewhere between San Francisco and Mendocino. It is just north of The Sea Ranch and south of Anchor Bay.

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